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Publisher/Vendor/Library Relations Interest Group

Monday, June 27, 2016
8:30 am to 10:00 am, US/Eastern

Publisher/Vendor/Library Relations Interest Group

 Room: OCCC W105A


As we look at the future of publishing - and its impact on authors, publishers, libraries, book stores and vendors - there are a large number of changes in the acquisition and distribution of content to explore. New trends include the continued shift between print and eBooks, their business and pricing models and its impact on bookstores and libraries; and the changing environment for authors, especially those who self-publish. Challenges include access to alternative content, in both e- and print formats, and a changing environment which emphasizes self-publishing and other alternative publishing methods. Another trend is the increase in eBook prices, which means that print sales are also higher and eBook sales are somewhat stagnant – with noted differences in trade and academic publishing. Libraries are tasked with reflecting the culture of their communities and making all of this content available, accessible, and kept for future generations. When fulfilling a library’s mission, librarians face budgetary constraints, the dominance of large publishers and distributors who aim to serve a broader reader base, and the lack of knowledge that alternative and self-published materials exist. 

 This session will bring together library professionals, publishing and self-publishing service representatives to brainstorm future trends and lead a discussion about finding solutions to these challenges.