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ALCTS ALA Annual Virtual Preconference "Planning for the Evolving Role of Metadata Services"

The ALCTS Metadata Interest Group and the ALCTS PARS Preservation Metadata Interest Group invite you to join us for the ALCTS ALA Annual Virtual Preconference “Planning for the Evolving Role of Metadata Services.”  The preconference will feature three days of exploring the expansion of metadata services, including:

Session 1: Metadata Services for Research Data Management (June 2)

  • Research Data Support at The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (UNCG): a Metadata Perspective
    • Anna Craft, Metadata Cataloger at UNCG
  • Using DDI Metadata to Support Research Data Management
    • Jared Lyle, Director of Curation Services, ICPSR
  • Evolving Workflows for Metadata Ingest at The UC San Diego Library
    • Arwen Hutt, Metadata Librarian, UC San Diego
  • Integrating New Services into Existing Metadata Workflows
    • Nathan B. Putnam and Bria L. Parker, Metadata Services, University of Maryland
  • Special Collections, Special Thesauri: Managing and Publishing Local Vocabularies with TemaTres
    • Allison Jai O'Dell, Special Collections Cataloging & Metadata Librarian, University of Miami Libraries
  • Encoded Archival Context-Corporate Bodies, Persons, and Families and Washingtoniana Collections: A Pilot Project at the George Washington University Libraries
    • Dan Tam Do, Metadata Services Managers, George Washington University Libraries

Session 2: Assessing Metadata Staffing and Workflows (June 3)

Session 3: Techniques and Technologies for Developing Local Controlled Vocabularies (June 4)


When: June 2-4, 2015


Time :  2:00pm (EDT)

1:00pm (CDT)

12:00pm (MDT)

11:00am (PDT)


Length: 90 minutes


Event webpage (including session details and registration information): http://www.ala.org/alcts/confevents/upcoming/webinar/060215