ANMIG April Chat: So You're Graduating? Now What?

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    01:56pm Elizabeth Mason-VA (non-member):


    01:56pm Ian Franklin (non-member):

    thank you!

    01:57pm Regina Gong:

    Remember to always check ALCTS website and the archived webinars too.

    01:57pm Elizabeth Mason-VA (non-member):

    OK will do!

    01:58pm Ian Franklin (non-member):

    oh good idea, I didnt even think about archived webinars. I will definitely do that!

    01:58pm Katherine Holder (non-member):

    There is a lot of valuable information there. :)

    01:59pm Regina Gong:

    I wish you both the best and best of luck. Hope our paths will cross someday.

    01:59pm Ian Franklin (non-member):

    Me too! thank you again!

    01:59pm Regina Gong:

    You're welcome. Thanks for stopping by. The hour went by so fast.

    01:59pm Katherine Holder (non-member):

    You're welcome!

    02:00pm Elizabeth Mason-VA (non-member):

    Talk to you all soon!

    02:00pm Katherine Holder (non-member):


    02:00pm Regina Gong:

    Bye Elizabeth

    02:01pm Regina Gong:

    Katy, thanks for doing this with me.

    02:01pm Regina Gong:

    Goodluck and congrats again.

    02:01pm Regina Gong:

    This is going to be automatically saved, right?

    02:01pm Katherine Holder (non-member):

    Thanks! I'll miss you next year but I hope to see you at conferences. Um, I have no idea to be honest.

    02:02pm Katherine Holder (non-member):

    I think so though.

    02:02pm Regina Gong:

    Okay. So then we'll just log off. I'll see you hopefully in future ALA. I'll be in SanFo this June and Boston for MW.

    02:03pm Katherine Holder (non-member):

    Me too! I'll definitely look you up :)