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Copy Cataloging Interest Group

Saturday, January 31, 2015
8:30 am to 10:00 am, US/Central

Update from the Library of Congress
Presenter: Angela Kinney, Chief, African, Latin American and Western European Division (ALAWE), Library of Congress

Preparing Copy Catalogers for Batch Cataloging
Presenter: Roman S. Panchyshyn, Catalog Librarian/Assistant Professor, University Libraries, Kent State University

Between consortial purchases and local purchases, the number and frequency of batch load projects of MARC records into the local catalog continues to increase. The Metadata and Catalog department at Kent State University Libraries is undertaking a project to train copy catalogers to evaluate and load records from various sources in batch to its Innovative Millennium ILS. Copy catalogers will be trained in the use of data exchange and rapid update in Millennium and the use of MarcEdit software and scripting languages for manipulation of batches of records. Cataloging managers will be responsible for overall project management, training and supervision, maintenance of load tables, and updating documentation.

A Semi-automatic Workflow to Create Provider-neutral Records for Locally Digitized Print Materials Presenter: Lucas Mak, Metadata and Catalog Librarian, Michigan State University Libraries

Michigan State University Libraries has developed a semi-automatic workflow for cataloging locally digitized print materials based on existing print version records. In this process, digitization staff only needs to supply cataloging staff a text file containing bibliographic record numbers of the print version and URLs of the digital files. The subsequent cataloging will be done in a multi-step process executed by a script, which includes sending XML query against the library catalog, creating provider-neutral records by XSLT transformation based on the returned XML, and converting the resulting MarcXML into .mrc file for batch loading. This presentation will discuss the design, challenges, and limitations of the process.

Quantity with Quality: Maintaining Copy Cataloging Productivity while Improving Cataloging Quality
Presenter: Sarah Wallbank, Technical Services Librarian, Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater, Massachusetts

In cataloging there is a continual tension between the need for productivity and the need for good quality metadata. Both are needed to ensure that library resources are discoverable, but they often seem mutually exclusive. At Clement C. Maxwell Library at Bridgewater State University productivity has been very good. Copy catalogers process new items quickly and the only backlog, which they are working on, is in Special Collections. However, due to weaknesses in training, the quality of copy cataloging needed improvement. With a combination of paced training and written editing guidelines and procedures, we have been able to maintain productivity while increasing the level of cataloging knowledge. The copy catalogers have learned RDA and improved their general knowledge of cataloging. Along with the training, catalogers have been taught to work with written editing guidelines and documentation that guide them on where to focus their efforts. This two-pronged approach of gradual training and written guidance has allowed them to maintain productivity while learning.

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