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Upcoming ACRL Webcast: Reaching out to International Communities (1/13)

Join ACRL for the e-Learning webcast, “Reaching out to International Communities Through Student Engagement, Outreach Services and Embedded Librarianship,” on Tuesday, January 13 (1:00 – 2:30 p.m. Central).

How can librarians best support their international communities? This webcast addresses how librarians can collaborate with academic and non-academic partners to support and connect with international students through various programming and outreach services. The speaker will discuss the importance of outreach services and embedded librarianship in developing student engagement and success. Learn how to identify key groups to collaborate with on campus and create an outreach strategy to support international groups. In addition, the speaker will discuss various collaborative programs and the latest apps and social media tools to promote the library's resources and services and to connect with international students. During the presentation, there will be a series of questions, polls and surveys for participants to think about, to answer or to discuss. Questions involving social media strategy, outreach plans and collaborations may get users to think about these features in their embedded librarianship model. The speaker will also encourage audience members to "tweet" their questions or ideas while using the hashtag #acrl_elearning to keep another set of ideas and conversations flowing.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify appropriate groups to focus on; learn and understand the value of embedded librarianship
  • Build relationships and foster collaborative opportunities with academic and non-academic partners to support international groups
  • Utilize and maximize the latest social media tools creatively and effectively to develop library's content and outreach strategies

Presenter(s): Raymond Pun, Reference and Research Services Librarian, NYU Shanghai

Registration materials and details on the webcast are available on the ACRL e-Learning website; group registration and other discounts are available. Contact mconahan@ala.org or call (312) 280-2522 with questions.