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CaMMS Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group 2015 Midwinter meeting program

Sunday, February 1, 2015
10:30 am to 11:30 am, US/Central

ALCTS CaMMS Cataloging & Classification Research Interest Group at ALA Midwinter

Date:  Sunday, February 1, 2015

Time: 10:30 am – 11:30 am

Location: MCP-W176a McCormick Place West

In this year's meeting, the CaMMS Cataloging and Classification Research Interest Group offers three presentations and discussions of cataloging-related research and projects. Cataloging digitized government documents in RDA, challenge in cataloging of unpublished screenplays in RDA, and cataloging in publication of E-books.


"Cataloging in Publication: Moving Beyond the Print," presented by Caroline Saccucci, Dewey Program Manager and Acting CIP Program Manager, and Camilla Williams, CIP Program Specialist at the Library of Congress. The Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Program is now accepting e-books from major U.S. publishers to help build the Library of Congress' collections. This is a major step forward in management of e-book collections at the Library of Congress as the process for ingesting CIP e-books will be used as a model for acquiring e-books from other acquisitions sources. The presentation will discuss all elements of the CIP E-Books Program, including the application process, publisher participation, e-book metadata creation, and ingestion of the e-books into the Library's Content Transfer System to add to the Library's collections.

"Establishing Best Practices: Cataloging Unpublished Screenplays with RDA,” presented by Laura Evans, Metadata/Cataloging Librarian at Binghamton University Libraries. When cataloging unpublished special collections material at the item level, decisions must be made about which descriptive information to include in the records as well as which access points are important for discovery. These decisions may not be obvious if the material is of a unique nature and there are no established best practices, as is the case with unpublished screenplays. With the implementation of RDA, catalogers may be unclear about where to turn for answers to questions such as: should DCRM(B) be applied as well as RDA? Should I choose type “t” or type “a” for the header? What information should I include in field 264, and is that publication, production, distribution, or manufacture? What notes are important for this material type? What access points are appropriate? This study examines the existing records for unpublished screenplays in WorldCat, with the aim of establishing best practices based on analysis of the records and review of RDA and LC-PCC policy statements.

"MARC and Non-MARC Metadata for Digitized Government Documents," presented by Kathryn Lybarger, Head of Cataloging & Metadata, University of Kentucky Libraries. University of Kentucky digitized materials from their chosen agency, the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The titles had already been cataloged in MARC, but they needed Dublin Core metadata for loading the data into their digital library, and also MARC for the new electronic versions, cataloging according to current RDA standards. In this talk, the presenter will describe their workflow, and some of the difficulties encountered along the way.