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Diversity Member Initiative Group Community

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The ALA Office for Diversity, Literacy, and Outreach Services (ODLOS) is launching Intersections, a new blog that highlights the everyday work of library and information science workers as they advocate for equity and inclusion as they relate to diversity, literacy and access among membership, the field of librarianship and the communities they serve.

I just wanted to quickly reach out and engage the wisdom of our community regarding diversity efforts. At my institution, we are just kicking off a Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. Part of my contribution to this initial stage is a benchmarking effort - developing some awareness of what other libraries are currently doing in this area, and what they have found effective.

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This member initiative group provides an organizational home for anyone dedicated to fostering an improved climate for diversity within their institutions and professional organizations.

The mission of the Diversity Membership Initiative Group is:

  • To provide a space for success stories and best practices and broadly highlight examples of activities that have improved services and fostered organizational change.
  • To provide a community of practice for members to discuss ideas, concepts, and methods to positively impact library services to increasingly diverse populations.
  • To provide a base for deepening our discussion and collective understanding of diversity and inclusion issues across our professional organizations.

Possible activities:
• Collecting success stories for the ALA website
• Launching a Journal Club
• Identifying training topics and facilitators to enhance ALA's online learning offerings
• Connecting members around topics of mutual interest for publishing and presenting
• Identifying best practices from member organizations and implementing them elsewhere
• Supporting efforts to make ALA welcoming
• Providing feedback to the ALA Council Committee on Diversity and the Special Presidential Task Force on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

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