ANMIG June Chat: Navigating ALA Annual

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    01:59pm Keri Cascio:

    You do need your badge for the shuttle, but when you're in a gaggle of librarians, they don't usually ask

    01:59pm Autumn Faulkner:

    Usually they want to see your badge, but I don't think they're sticklers about it, Julene

    01:59pm Deborah Ryszka:

    You need your badge, but sometimes the drivers dont check.

    01:59pm Autumn Faulkner:

    Haha gaggle

    01:59pm Emily Sanford:

    you definitely need your badge to get into the exhibits. They do closely police that

    01:59pm Susan Wynne:

    Julene, I'd recommend keeping your badge on for the ALA shuttles, but I don't think I've ever had anyone really challenge me

    01:59pm Susan Wynne:

    when I've forgot to put it on some mornings.

    01:59pm Keri Cascio:

    Just make sure you don't walk around the streets with your badge on!

    01:59pm Julene Jones:

    Okay - thanks! I was planning on using it to _get to_ registration (:

    01:59pm Susan Wynne:

    That would probably be fine!

    02:00pm Autumn Faulkner:

    Ok, thanks everyone for coming today and if you are headed to Vegas, come see us at the ALCTS 101, Friday night, LVH-Pavillion 10, 7:00-9:30 pm

    02:00pm Autumn Faulkner:

    Join in the photo scavenger hunt kicking off then! Win fabulous prizes!

    02:00pm Julene Jones:

    Thanks so much!

    02:00pm Emily Sanford:

    That's a good safety tip! Most everybody in Vegas is a tourist, but no need to draw attention to yourself by wearing your badge around all night

    02:00pm Susan Wynne:

    The conference tote bag is also a dead giveaway :-)

    02:01pm Emily Sanford:

    Thank you, Autumn!

    02:01pm Emily Sanford:

    This was great :)

    02:01pm Deborah Ryszka:

    Yes, please remember to think about your safety while you're at the conference.

    02:02pm Autumn Faulkner:

    See everyone in Vegas! Safe travels :)

    02:02pm Susan Wynne:

    Thanks for coming, y'all. Great job Autumn and Emily!