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FDTF Committee Liaisons Needed for 2015

 Dear GODORT FDTF Member,

   The conference in Las Vegas is coming up soon and I will be assuming office as FDTF Chair at the close of business.   Consequently, I am looking for people willing to serve as liaisons between the FDTF and GODORT standing committees for 2015.  Duties are not difficult:  primarily serving to provide brief updates at the Midwinter Meeting and the Annual Conference on GODORT committee activities and the FDTF and vice-versa.

   I will list the needed committee liaison positions below.   If interested, please contact me ASAP at dodgeti@auburn.edu .   Current committee chairs are encouraged to serve again if they wish, so please let me know if you are interested.

Cataloging Liaison

Education Liaison

Legislation Liaison (NEED TWO people)

Program Liaison

Publications Liaison

Rare and Endangered Government Publications Liaison.

   Many thanks to those who volunteer (or re-volunteer).   I would suggest listing SEVERAL committee liaison choices just in case your first choice finds a volunteer before you contact me.

Tim Dodge


Auburn University

Auburn, Ala.