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Christopher Harris's picture

Past GameRT (from the IG days) presenter/publisher launches new game on Kickstarter

Dominic Crapuchettes from North Star Games, presented for the Games and Gaming Interest Group the year before we went up for RT status the last time we were in DC (home to North Star) for Annual. Dominic is best known for his social/party games Wits & Wagers and Say Anything (and the family/school friendly versions of them). He did a great job leading a group Wits & Wagers session at ALA Play that year. 

Now Dominic and North Star Games are launching their first strategy game, Evolution. This is a redesign of a Russian game that I picked up at the Essen fair this past year as having great potential for schools and libraries. The original game was designed by a professor of biology at the University of Moscow and brings some great science to the table. The new version has beautiful artwork and streamlined play. 

I wrote a teaser article about Evolution on my new site, Play Play Learn, while I wait for the prototype to come in for a full review. Wanted to share here as well given Dominic's past support for the GameRT. Also because this could be a nice game to look at for any high school or academic libraries that want to support biology instruction. And hey, evolution is all the rage now after the great Cosmos episode!

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John Pappas's picture

I heard about this on "On Board Games" and it sounded interesting. I knew the designer of the game usually did family/party games but didn't realize he did Wits & Wagers.

I'll give it a gander and maybe throw some money at it. Kickstarter can be a deep rabbit hole to fall into!