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What I Really Want to Do is Direct: First-Time Library Directors Discuss Their Experiences.

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Description: You know that cliché about actors really wanting to direct? It turns out that it’s also true of new (or not so new) librarians. In this panel, four first-time library directors will discuss how they arrived in their positions, the skills that helped them move into leadership, and the obstacles they didn't anticipate.

This panel discussion is intended for those who are interested in moving into management positions, as well as new library administrators facing similar issues. Panelists include academic library directors Jacob Berg and Jessica Olin, and public library administrators Kristi Chadwick and John Pappas. Daniel Ransom will moderate.

Presenter: Daniel Ransom

Format: Panel Discussion

Types of libraries:

  • All


  • Administration and Management
  • Professional Development
  • Personnel and Staffing
  • Leadership
  • Career Advice

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