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Coming out of the Shell: Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker.

Friday, June 27, 2014
9:00 am to 12:00 pm, US/Pacific

Location Conference Center, room TBA

Title Coming out of the Shell: Becoming a Powerful Public Speaker.

Attendance cap  30

Anyone, even the shyest among us, can give a presentation that everyone will listen to... it just takes learning savvy presentation and public speaking skills. Three experienced librarians with years of instruction and public speaking experience will impart their wisdom at this pre-conference session, sharing their favorite tools, tricks, and tips. Attendees will learn how to put together an engaging, informative, and appropriate presentation that will command attention, as well as how to overcome nervousness and stage fright. Attendees will be able to actively participate and practice some of what they learn. Everyone has a voice, and that voice deserves to be heard with the attention it deserves. Whether you are an experienced or new librarian, join us on June 27th to gain new insight into coming out of your shell and becoming a powerful public speaker.


Tiffini Travis, Advisor for Information literacy and library instructional assessment, California State University, Long Beach

Tiffini Travis is the Advisor for Information literacy and library instructional assessment at CSU Long Beach. In this role she is responsible for facilitating campus-wide information literacy initiatives and developing strategies for assessing the impact of library instruction on student success. In her time with the CSU system she has been awarded four Information Competence Grants. Her article "Librarians as Agents of Change: Working with Curriculum Committees using Change Agency Theory” was selected as one of the TOP 20 Instructional Articles of 2008 by Library Instruction Round Table (LIRT). Her varied research interests include information literacy in the workplace, using social media for library outreach, and mobile library site usability. She has recently expanded her subject expertise in the area of popular culture, co-authoring a book called Skinheads: A Guide to an American Subculture (Greenwood 2012). Ms. Travis joined the Immersion Faculty in 2006 and has taught at every Immersion Classic since 2007. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science from the University of California, Berkeley, and a Masters of Library and Information Science from University of California, Los Angeles.

Manuel Urrizola, Head of Metadata & Technical Services for University Libraries at the University of California, Riverside.

Manuel Urrizola is an award-winning speaker, who regularly receives requests to teach public speaking workshops at schools, universities, public libraries, professional conferences, or community organizations. He received his B.A. in Art History from Amherst College and his Master of Library Science from UC Berkeley. He is the Head of Metadata & Technical Services for the UC Riverside Libraries, editor of Great Moments in the History of Technical Services, map lover, and amateur singer and poet.

Char Booth, Instruction Services Manager and E-Learning librarian, Claremont Colleges  

Early riser, devoted oceanite, and advocate of radical neutrality, Char Booth explores the integration of pedagogy, research, technology, and design in libraries. Char is Head of Instruction Services and E-Learning Librarian at the Claremont Colleges Library, and is on the faculty of the ACRL Information Literacy Immersion Institute. Char blogs at info-mational and tweets @charbooth. Her publications include the Ilene F. Rockman Instruction Publication of the Year-winning Reflective Teaching, Effective Learning: Instructional Literacy for Library Educators (ALA Editions, 2011) and Informing Innovation: Tracking Student Interest in Emerging Library Technologies (ACRL, 2009).



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