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Tech tools and platforms for instruction (Pros and Cons)

We want this thread to supplement the discussion Beth and I will get started at at ALA midwinter - http://alamw14.ala.org/node/12452

If you can't make it to ALA midwinter, please feel free to add:
1. Use of tool
2. Pros
3. Cons
4. Free (or price?)
5. Tech issues to note 

Jane Hart has a nice list from her UK Top 100 Tools for Learning survey of interest:


Thanks for your contributions!
~ Lilly Ramin (@lillylibrarian)




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I wrote up some notes from our discussion for my blog and wanted to share the crux of it here. Rather than list every tool we have used in a useful, usable, desirable way, my group sidetracked to come up with criteria for a great tech tool.

  • It needs to integrate well. With the LMS, with the website, with the LibGuides, wherever it needs to be to provide point-of-need service.
  • It needs to be scalable. No solution truly works unless it can be used at a production level.
  • It needs to be shareable. Librarians need to learn from each other. Let’s share templates, workshop outlines, use cases, videos. We’ll be better librarians and have more time and expertise as a result.

(The rest of the post is at http://catherineodson.com/2014/01/27/alamw14-great-tech-tools/. End shameless self plug.)

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Thank you,  Catherine! I hope to see you at today's session (10:30, Ceasar's Palace). I was hoping there would be more feedback in this space by annual but we will talk about and continue the conversation as well :)