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MAGIRT update to the Round Table Coordinating Assembly

Each round table was invited to submit a blurb summarizing our activities over the last year.  I'm going to paste the MAGIRT blurb below.  It sounds awfully braggy, but I couldn't help it - we're the coolest round table!


Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT)
MAGIRT has transitioned to holding virtual meetings in-between conferences. The Executive Board tends to meet about 3 times in-between conferences and committees are encouraged to meet at least once in between conferences. Committees have the option of meeting at the conferences, but most elect not to except for the Executive Board. Mainly we use Skype, but have also experimented with Blackboard and Adobe Connect. Conference calls remain a viable failsafe method of meeting. About a year ago MAGIRT began subscribing to the popular Libguides content management system. We have both a public guide and a couple private guides for internal use. Some Libguide boxes feed through automatically to our website, which makes it easier to edit content without prevailing upon our webmaster to make changes. Our original wish was to link the best content boxes made by our members through to a MAGIRT guide, but the vendor does not yet allow cross-institutional box sharing. We send our ALA Connect announcements through to a feed on our website and also through to our twitter feed and Facebook page. We’ve made a couple of short online videos for our members on how to use the ALA Connect site and how to use Skype for committee meetings. These were by no means professional productions, just ‘quick and dirty’ videos to help our membership. MAGIRT has also launched a webinar series and has hosted 3 so far. The recordings are available on our Libguide. This summer in Las Vegas we are hosting the program “The Accidental Map Librarian” which will provide advice from our member experts on understanding the basics of maps and map collection management, both paper and digital.