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Digitial Libaries

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    12:19pm Andrea Leonard:

    Aw, interesting! I'll have to look around for that. I am a humanities person, but am just curious how broad digital scholarship is in academia

    12:21pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    I also found some interesting websites related to English and digital images all related to digital scholarship.

    12:21pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    Helping students understand complex poems and literature through images and old documents related to the stories.

    12:22pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    I found it very interesting. But I am always curious to see what others know about digital

    12:23pm Elizabeth Matkowski:

    NASA has a digital image collection. That's the only sciences related one I know of, but I'm sure their are others.

    12:24pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    I found a few related to the medical field. Some in journals within the medical field.

    12:24pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    What are librarians seeing as the transition into the Digital world of librarianship? Are library materials being used differently?

    12:29pm Elizabeth Matkowski:

    I think it definitely is a great thing for getting students involved with primary sources who ordinarily would have little to no interaction with them.

    12:30pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    I agree. Even if they cannot read the material or do not want to read the material they have a way of finding out about the material.

    12:30pm Brad Leifer (non-member):

    With primary sources, you can never have too much of a good thing. Think how many debates could be solved if people could consult the originals.

    12:31pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    That is true. And so many manuscripts are digitized.

    12:32pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    I also found a digital collection about an historical hotel. Old papers and pictures.

    12:32pm Brad Leifer (non-member):

    What were those old papers and pictures related to? Blueprints? Guest registries? In other words, what sorts of research could you do with these papers and pictures?

    12:35pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    http://ibase.sdsu.edu/index.php?a=ViewItem&i=29934 This is the link. It talks about hotel del Coronado.

    12:36pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    It looks like old letters and some provisions of the hotel. I thought it was very interesting.

    12:39pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    I can see how this can be historical and more personal use of a digital collection.

    12:40pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    I can see how this can be a more personal use and scholarly use of a digital collection.

    12:41pm Nicole Picano (non-member):

    I can see how this can be for personal and scholarly use.

    12:43pm Elizabeth Matkowski:

    The Google books project, Project Gutenberg, and Hathi Trust are very different from library created digital libraries, but are among the most well known. Do you think they are changing expectations for library users
    ? For better or worse?

    12:47pm Brad Leifer (non-member):

    I like the fact that they include "transcriptions" just in case the documents are illegible.

    Nicole Picano (non-member)'s picture

    Hi All,

    Thank you to those who joined us for the digital library discussion chat today. Our apologies to those who tried to get into the Digital library chat or who got kicked out. ALA connect seemed to have a technical issue. We are having another Digital library chat on Monday December 9 at 6pm on the NMRT ALA Connect page. We hope you will be able to join us again.

    Nicole Picano