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GameRT Membership and Promotion Committee Committee

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Discussion Tablecloth and swag is arriving!

by Jenny Levine (staff) on Fri, May 16, 2014 at 03:26 pm

I have in my office everything we've ordered for Annual except for the dice keychains and the banner, which should arrive next week. How awesome does the tablecloth look?! It made my day to see this.

GameRT booth tablecloth

The purpose of this committee is to promote membership in GameRT and ALA.

Major responsibilities include:

  • Welcome new members to GameRT
  • Maintain a current membership promotion brochure that can be made available for membership promotion by the committee, GameRT members, the state affiliates, the ALA Membership Committee, and ALA headquarters. Make brochures available at ALA conferences.
  • Create promotional materials that encourage membership in GameRT.
  • Send a welcome letter or email message to all new GameRT members with information on GameRT programs, committees, and opportunities for involvement.
  • Develop other promotional programs as opportunities become available.
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