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Call for Virtual Presentations: LITA Mobile Computing IG Meeting

Call for Virtual Participation: LITA Mobile Computing IG meeting

Date & Time:  1 week prior to ALA Mid-Winter Meeting
Location: Virtual/Online 

***This meeting is virtual and held one week prior to Mid-Winter -Physical attendance IS NOT required.***

The LITA Mobile Computing IG seeks 4-5 short presentations (15
minutes) on responsive design for the upcoming ALA Mid-Winter
Conference in Philadelphia, PA.  This conference is virtual and held one
week prior to Mid-Winter - physical attendance IS NOT required.
We are looking for presentations about what you've done, what you plan to do, best practices, or other topics related to responsive design. All presentations suggestions will be considered.

Feel free to email Laurie Bridges, Laurie.Bridges@oregonstate.edu, and/or post your topic suggestion here.

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The Michigan State University Libraries launched a responsive Drupal website in August 2013.  The site uses the Omega base theme, which is a responsive theme using the 960 grid system.  In this 15 minute session, I will cover the MSU Libraries' decision of moving to a responsive design for the web site, and the steps involved that led to the launch of a responsive site.  I will discuss the choice of the Drupal content management system, the choice to set up a sub-theme, and the criteria that were involved in selecting the Omega base theme.  I will discuss media queries, and the mobile first approach to setting up CSS.  With any additional time, I will discuss how I, as the web designer, worked together with the primary developer/programmer in creating a responsive web site.

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With 15 minutes, we can present an overview of options available in building a responsive site in Drupal.

We can show what we did with our new LibrarySite refresh, as well as more sophisticated sites. We have built responsive sites using Omega, Zen, Panopoly and from scratch, and we have evaluated many of the other choices.

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The most daunting thing about splitting the joint-use public / academic Alvin Sherman Library website into two wasn't the ground-up design of an entirely new, mobile-first and flat public site, but ensuring that content could be targeted and yet never duplicated across a half-dozen library applications - which, of course, now included two entirely disparate websites. We knew that the success of this project wasn't whether our #libweb had a swanky new look, but if it had fresh, findable content our patrons cared about.

In this short talk, I'll introduce concepts of content modeling and sharing our strategy, showing how we created a third site purely to be the vehicle for content syndication, making it so that library staff could have just one place to enter content that would disseminate all across the library's web presence based on audience (kids, teens, adults, undergrads ... ) and context (research, events, ... ).

I jabber about Front-End Librarianship and the web at www.ns4lib.com :).


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Sorry if it looks like my profile signature is a shady plug. I didn't realize sigs weren't preceded by a dashed-line or anything to set them apart O_o.

I jabber about Front-End Librarianship and the web at www.ns4lib.com :).


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I jabber about Front-End Librarianship and the web at www.ns4lib.com :).


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Greetings all, presenters have been notified and an announcement will be coming soon. Thank you for your interest. Laurie

Laurie M. Bridges

Instruction and Emerging Technologies Librarian

Oregon State University Libraries