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Visit the "Wondrously Infinite Global Library" for more Bookjoy!

Hi all,

Please let me introduce you to the new "Wondrously Infinite Global Library" put together by Unite for Literacy for the benefit of all young readers, but largely with immigrant and refugee families in mind. 

Each of the little books on the site can be read in English and listened to in over 10 languages, including Somali, Karen, Karenni and Spanish--the predominant languages of refugees and immigrants in our area.   I've worked with Unite for Literacy, a company based in Ft. Collins, Colorado, on a couple of projects now and am impressed with their mission and vision.  The new online library is just one of many things they do to improve early childhood and family literacy regionally, nationally and internationally.   Happy Reading!

Cindy Welsh, Outreach Librarian

High Plains Library District, Greeley CO