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Recording of "Maps the RDA Way-the Sequel" now available!

On Monday July 22, 2013, Paige Andrew and Susan Moore reprised their roles as leaders in RDA map cataloging to host a question-answer session in an ALA-hosted webinar.  Some questions presented at the webinar had arisen in the successful program held at the ALA Annual Conference in June 2013, "Maps the RDA Way: Come Catalog a Map with Us!" while others were brought by attendees directly to the webinar.

For those that missed the Q&A session, the webinar was recorded and is posted on the MAGIRT's Map & Geospatial Resources LibGuide.  http://magirt.ala.libguides.com/trainingsandpresentations

Also, available is a document that addresses some remaining questions that couldn't be addressed at the webinar.  They include questions about the 264 field, square brackets in scale statements, photocopied maps, and ISBD punctuation.

Thank you to all who were able to attend and of course a HUGE thank you to the presenters, Paige Andrew and Susan Moore!