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Criminal Justice and Criminology Librarian Tool Kit

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Attn: Criminal Justice & Criminology Librarians and other interested parties: In celebration of ANSS's 40th anniversary, the Sociology and Anthropology Discussion Groups teamed up in 2012 to create and update our Librarian Tool Kits for our Anthropology and Sociology subject areas. Now we have a Tool Kit for Criminal Justice and Criminology Librarians.  Below, you will find links to the Anthropology Librarian Tool Kit and the Sociology Librarian Tool Kit. This is a working document, and we want to crowd-source its creation. Please add resources and edit the document, either by directly editing it and noting the changes you made.

Click here to find the Anthropology Librarian Tool Kit.

Click here to find the Sociology Librarian Tool Kit.

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A Quick List of Collection Development Tools and Practices for Criminal Justice & Criminology Librarians

Originally Compiled for Sociology by Stephen Fowlkes, 2007

Tweaked in July 2013 for Criminal Justice  by Christina Smith, and then posted to Connect for crowd-sourcing



I.  Best Practices in Networking to Enhance Presence with Department Liaison Work


Faculty Meetings: Make an effort to be invited; attend at least one each semester

Ask to be added to the department’s listserv; website, social media in all forms.

Ask to be included in research communication with graduate students

Participate in all welcoming services to new graduate students and new faculty

Send a limited number of e-mails:

  •  At the start of each semester/quarter:
  • (a) Reminders about instruction and Information literacy teaching sessions
  • (b) Book requests/book order process
  • (c) Availability for research consultations with students, etc.
  • (d) New web tools/ tutorials to guide their library research, and more
  • Announce whenever new databases or major reference tools are acquiree

Maintain Faculty Research/teaching-interest profiles/vitae

  • Solicit info from faculty
  • Find info on departmental Web Site bios
  • Do literature searches to identify previous publications, etc.

Know the Administrative Assistant(s) in the Sociology Dept.

Hold office hours in the department

Attend campus or departmental lectures, special events or symposia to help stay abreast of research interests and trends.

Be aware of course syllabi for the department's classes (Check out the "required readings" in course syllabi)

Be aware of new courses introduced to the department.

Sit in on classes in your department, if possible, after asking permission of the faculty member, of course. (Or better yet, be an Embedded Librarian in a class)

Offer to include a library tour for faculty/grad student candidates when they interview

Find out about new faculty arriving in the dept. and be sure and give them a library orientation tour.

Invite the dept. chair or library liaison to have coffee/lunch/cocktails regularly

Stay in touch with librarian-colleagues at similar institutions for ideas, suggestions, etc. (participation in ANSS, especially conference attendance, is great for this!!)


II. Collection Building Tools


Book Review Sources.

These items are listed in no order of importance.

  • Choice
  • Library Journal
  • ACQ Web's Directory of Book Reviews on the Web
  • Rutgers University Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Books
  • Criminal Justice Abstracts

Also,  Magazines for Libraries (LaGuardia, 2012)  lists many, many more


Major Publishers


Journal Selection Sources:

Magazines for libraries, 21st ed. LaGuardia, Cheryl, and William A. Katz., 2012

“Criminology and Law Enforcement” chapter (pgs. 242-251) lists 50 journals, each with full publication and feature information, as well as a descriptive annotation.


Sociology: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources, 3rd ed. (Stephen Aby, 2005)

            Lists 64 sociology journals with annotations.


ISI Journal Citation Reports

Criminal Justice Abstracts (Coverage List) http://www.ebscohost.com/titleLists/cja-coverage.htm

ProQuest Criminal Justice (Title List) http://tls.proquest.com/tls/servlet/ProductSearch?platformID=1&externalID=4385&vdID=1 

American Sociological Association Publications - http://www.asanet.org/journals/journals.cfm


Reference Tools Selection Sources:

  • Sociology: A Guide to Reference and Information Sources,  3rd ed. (Stephen Aby, 2005) An annotated list of over 600 general social science and sociology reference sources, as well as a list of sources for 23 different specialized sociological sub-disciplines, including "Criminology, Law, and Deviance."
  • ALA Guide to Sociology & Psychology Reference (ALA, 2011) includes sections on "Crime and Deviance" and "Violence."



Tools for finding Data, Statistics, etc.

  • Bureau of Justice Statistics
  • Sourcebook of Criminal Justice Statistics
  • Uniform Crime Reports 
  • OJJDP Statistical Briefing Book
  • Sociological Abstracts (Chart/Data feature)
  • ProQuest Statistical Insight
  • Data.gov (US) - OA!


  • Gallup
  • Roper (iPoll)
  • Polling the Nations


Tools for Selecting Videos



Key Databases

  • Criminal Justice Abstracts
  • ProQuest Criminal Justice
  • Sociological Abstracts
  • National Criminal Justice Reference Service (NCJRS)
  • Soc Index
  • Social Sciences Citation Index (Web of Science)
  • Social Services Abstracts
  • International Bibliography of the Social Sciences (IBSS)
  • Violence and Abuse Abstracts

insert links to reviews (bibliography committee)


Social Media 


Teaching Materials

  • Videolectures.net (OA!)


Key Associations

  • Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences
  • American Society of Criminology
  • American Academy of Forensic Sciences
  • ANSS Website

Archives or Primary Sources

  • American Memory Project (consolidating with LoC site?)


Institutional Repositories



Tools for selecting _____ . [other categories?]


Marilia Antunez (non-member)'s picture

Thank you for posting to the list--there are some unique sources for CJ library instruction.  

Marilia Antunez, Liaison for Criminal Justice at Boise State University