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2013 LPSS Annual Program Bibliography Now Available Online

The LPSS Library Instruction Committee is pleased to announce that the 2013 LPSS Annual Program Bibliography is now available online at:


The program theme this year is "Preparing, Sharing, & Archiving: What Scholars in Political Science and Law Need to Know and How We Can Help Them." The guide currently includes the following topic pages: Issues Overview, Author's Rights, Open Access, Libraries & Scholarly Communication, and Selected Works from Panel Speakers.

Additional content will soon be added to the bibliography. So, check back periodically for new content. Thanks to the members of the LPSS Library Instruction Committee for their hard work on the bibliography and their participation throughout the past year. The committee members are:

Brett Cloyd
Alyssa Deuschler
David McCaslin
David Schwieder
Rosalind Tedford
Graham Walden
Elizabeth White

An extra special thanks to Alyssa Deuschler and Brett Cloyd, Alyssa for a wonderful job of developing and maintaining the Annual Program Bibliography LibGuide for a second year, and Brett for his pivotal and excellent leadership while coordinating the work of the committee on the bibliography this year. Many thanks to you both for volunteering.

Comments on the guide are most welcome.

In Service,

Rosalind Fielder, Committee Chair