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Regarding our scheduled meeting at ALA Annual

Hi Everyone,

During the virtual meeting yesterday, Christie and I discussed whether or not it was necessary to have an in-person meeting at ALA Annual. We already know that not everyone will be attending Annual. Plus, there are some conflicts with other committees scheduled at the same time.

Since we plan to have a draft of our program proposal completed by 6/30 and will reconvene virtually with DLS in July, Christie and I decided that in lieu of a formal meeting, we will informally meet with the DLS group  (who likewise is not holding a formal meeting) during our scheduled time, Sunday at 10:30 in the Convention Center. We'll let you know the exact location soon. Likely a cafe or lounge area.

I hope this will be convenient for everyone and will make ALA scheduling a bit easier. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!