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Conference Program Planning--Las Vegas 2014 Committee Meeting (ACRL LPSS)

Saturday, June 29, 2013
8:30 am to 10:00 am, US/Central
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From the responses to my earlier emails (much less inconvenient than ALA Connect...), it appears that most of us will be attending our meeting in person: me, Ros, Brian, Sarah, Lynda, with Jodi attending virtually.

Anyone care to set up the v-meeting?  It's not something I've done.  We can do it outside our designated time, using the in-person event to ratify online discussion and touch base with the other LPSS committees meeting at that time..

The 2013 program committee was uncommonly collegial in its decision-making and equitable distribution of responsibilities -- an excellent model.  

Our primary agenda item will be to commit to a topic, leaving us a little time to get the formal proposal in by the end of August.  I'll send out one last call to LPSS for suggestions, but so far it appears that the main contenders are drug policy, local data, and the future of subject-centered librarianship.

Practically speaking, it's hard to consider topics without considering likely speakers in the process.  I don't think we need feel obligated to stick with the three-talking-heads tradition.  Ditto for making our proposal fit the ACRL strategic plan.

Next item: allies and co-sponsors.  I have not heard from Megan nor anyone else about program ideas bouncing around other sections or roundtables.  If you have any leads, let us know.

Next: funding, especially if our speakers are non-librarians, especially if they need to travel. 

Next: roles.  Please think about functions inside the committee that could be individually "owned" (eg, promotion/marketing) as well and liaison work that ought to be done inside LPSS (eg, with instruction committee about pathfinder, etc) and with groups outside the section (eg, sponsors)

Finally: other business. 

Feel free to flesh out any of these items

Official guidance here (FAQ) and here (PPT from online session for planners in April).