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Conference Program Planning--Las Vegas 2014 Committee Meeting (ACRL CJCLS)

Sunday, June 30, 2013
10:30 am to 11:30 am, US/Central
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Minutes of Friday, August 2, 10:30 AM CST, Conference Call. 
Attendees: Robert Kelly, Sue Keefer, Regina Gong, Jaime Hammond, Azul Gomez, Alex Fenton, Linda Plevak
Absent: Regina Beach-Bertin, Allison Ringness

With conference program participation deadlines looming quickly and 3 committee members going to be out of the office for the next week to two weeks a meeting was held to insure everyone was on the same page regarding the status of our potential involvement with the Presidential Program.

Following discussion, members did come up with some recommendations and identify a couple items they would like to learn more about.

Members are supportive of participating in the President's Program and recommend that we communicate that fact to Jose Aguinaga and Trevor Dawes. Members would like to learn more about the program's planning processes, where the CJCLS planning committee fits into it, and the program's structure so as to determine how our recommended participant would be involved. Little about a proposed program structure, including its length, has been shared. For instance, is it a panel or are the participants taking turns speaking on the topic of financial literacy? There is also some confusion over Trevor's interest in what type of speaker he would like to see, a librarian involved in a financial literacy program or some other type of person (A university president as opposed to a university librarian is part of the planned program). Members are recommending that Jaime Hammond contact library staff at Housatonic Community College and its cooperating public library to investigate the financial literacy grant program they are implementing. HCC library was awarded a SmartInvesting@YourLibrary grant in 2012 and Jaime would be talking with them to learn more about their program and to identify potential individuals who could participate as a panelist in the Presidential Program. The potential is there for a quality panelist, or two, to speak about library involvement in two-year college financial literacy initiatives and also to provide visibility to an ALA grant program.

Going forward, the members also recommend using ALA Connect as our primary vehicle for committee work. Lastly, there was discussion about a September webinar that Trevor Dawes and Presidential Program Committee co-chair Deb Malone are presenting to promote the program and to support Money Smart Week; he'd sent out a call to find librarians involved in financial literacy efforts on their campuses.

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Jaime communicated that the director of Housatonic Community College is not planning on attending ALA 2014.  The committee currently soliciting for suggested participants.

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Regina B,

I noticed that you emailed the CJCLS listserv last Tuesday morning asking anyone with FI experience or anyone who knows of someone who has FI experience to contact you or Trevor Dawes.  From the text of the email, it appears that you are working on the September webinar and ALA Midwinter program as well as the Annual program. Is that why you emailed CJCLS about a panelist, because you are looking for panelists not just for Annual?  

I'm curious because you emailed us on Thursday the 1st of August asking if we wanted to look for a panelist for the President's Program.  We arranged a conference call on the 2nd to discuss this and then Robert posted the minutes here to ALA Connect on Wednesday the 7th  and emailed it as well.  However, we haven't heard from you since the 1st, and I wasn't aware of your email to CJCLS until I saw it on the listserv.  

Could you please review the minutes from the conference call and address the questions we have?  I would like to know what this panel's role will be in planning the President's Program and what you, as our chair, think our next step should be.  Thank you.


I will email this post as well for those who may not be checking ALA Connect yet. 

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I just wanted to update everyone about my post/email.  Last Wednesday, the day after I posted and then emailed the above message, I received an email from Regina saying that she would get back to me by email later.  As of today, I have heard nothing more from her.  

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I visited with my president to see if he could recommend a peer administrator to be involved.  Unfortunately I have not heard back from him despite my visiting with him a couple of times.  So, my opinion is that with a September 1 deadline for deciding to propose an alternative program I think we should support the Presidents Program and work on something for 2015 like developmental education.

I think it wouldn't be a bad idea to communicate our program ideas to people who'll be involved in ACRL 2015.



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I agree with Robert's comments.  I truly hope we do continue to discuss and to develop program ideas (and maybe even speakers) for the next Conference Program committee.  I would feel good about handing down a plan or at least an outline of a plan to the next group and I suspect it will be appreciated. 

Linda P.


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Cross posted from my email to the group:


How about recently retired hedge fund manager John Arnold.  See his foundation link here: http://www.arnoldfoundation.org/about-foundation.  According to http://finance.yahoo.com/news/15-tycoons-who-won-t-leave-their-fortunes-to-their-kids-195610442.html?page=12 he made $4 Billion in the last 10 years, retired, and is using it for philanthropy including financial education initiatives.