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Annual 2013 Eric Miller speaks on the Future of Subject Analysis in the BIBFRAME Model

Monday, July 1, 2013
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, US/Central

The ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee is pleased to announce that Eric Miller, President of Zepheira, will be a guest speaker at itsMonday, July 1 meeting 1-2 pm at ALA Annual Conference 2013, Chicago. The title of his presentation is “Future of Subject Analysis in the BIBFRAME Model.”


Date: Monday, July 1, 2013

Time: 1-2:00 pm

Location: Valenica Room – InterContinental Chicago Hotel (INTER), 505 N. Michigan Ave.

Program Title: Future of Subject Analysis in the BIBFRAME Model

Presenter:  Eric Miller, President, Zepheira “The Art of Data,” http://zepheira.com

Sponsor:  ALCTS Subject Analysis Committee


Program Summary:


How will subject, genre/form, and classification elements be handled in the BIBFRAME? What are the challenges and opportunities in analyzing and organizing our subject, genre, and classification data in new ways?  The presenter, President Eric Miller, Zepheira, has contracted with the Library of Congress to provide a Bibliographic Framework Transition Initiative (BIBFRAME) model and analysis of related issues. In this program he will focus on the ‘authority’ entity in the BIBFRAME, and talk about pragmatic aspects of its application and use. He will also discuss the benefits of the ‘authorities’ entity in the BIBFRAME for our users, and the benefits for catalogers in the areas of searching and assigning subject, genre/form, and classification in a linked data world. Join us for a lively presentation. There will be time for questions.




Eric Miller is the President of Zepheira where he leads strategy and implementation of open web standard solutions to integrate, navigate and manage information across personal, group, organization and market boundaries. Zepheira applies lightweight, but powerful Web centric knowledge sharing solutions to national libraries, governments, publishers, health care and life science organizations that share a need for more effective ways of integrate, reuse and remix data. Prior to founding Zepheira, Eric led the Semantic Web Initiative for the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) at MIT providing the architectural and technical leadership in the design and evolution of linking data on the Web. Eric previously held a Research Scientist position at MIT where he was a Principal Investigator on the SIMILE project focused on developing robust, open source tools that improve access, management and reuse among digital resources. Before joining W3C / MIT, Eric was a Senior Research Scientist at OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc. and the co-founder and Associate Director of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, an open forum engaged in the development of interoperable online metadata standards that support a broad range of purposes and business models.