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Kathleen Weessies (non-member)'s picture

Roger Knouff, Associate Librarian, Arizona State University

Today I received a formal letter in the mail from Arizona State University notifying me that Roger Knouff's application for promotion to Associate Librarian is to be approved.  Actually it is a little slipperier than that, the library administration recommends it up their chain of command, and if it is like my institution, it is ultimately the university president or board who decides.  Though once it has passed the library administration, such decisions are rarely reversed so I think we can consider Roger's Continuing Appointment and Promotion to be a done deal.

All that doublespeak aside, congratulations Roger and I'm pleased to have played a role in this (as external reviewer).

Elizabeth Cox's picture

Congratulations, Roger! And well done!

Elizabeth Cox Special Formats Cataloger Southern Illinois University Carbondale

Mary McInroy (non-member)'s picture

Congratulations, Roger!  Wow, that took a while.

Mary McInroy