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Link to Concerns and Commendations Forms

Region 9: Ken can probably still work with Concerns and Commendations this week.  Last I knew, we had one commendation and two concerns from Kansas and need to hear from our other Region 9 states.  We MUST have them turned in by May 30 to Pam!

Thanks, Cindy

Statement of Commendations and  Concerns forms are on the website at http://www.ala.org/aasl/working-with#affils.


Jonna Ashley is the new liaison to the Affiliate Assembly – Jonna's email is jashley@ala.org


Concerns and commendations are first due to the regional director-elects, they go over them for clarity and goes back to the Affiliate if needed.  Then the complete forms are due to Pam on the 30th. J


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I attached the commendation. I can't think of any concerns and apparently neither can anyone else in our state!  =)

Carrie Turner 

Commendation Form_AASL2013.doc86 KB
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Thanks, Carrie!  See you in Chicago!


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