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Region 9 Report due May 31!

Region 9!  I need to fill out a Region report before our Chicago meeting.  Please send me your ideas so our region can look good!  Please send me your region news by May 31, so that I can have my report in on time!


Also, Ken and I haven't got any Concerns or Commendations from Colorado, Nebraska, or any other state except Kansas!  Please get them in this week.  We can help polish them if you need help!




In preparation for the 2013 ALA Annual Meeting in Chicago, the AASL Board of Directors asks you to take a moment fill out a quick report for your Region.  The Pre-Annual Conference Region Report form can be found at:




I would like to have all reports submitted by Monday June 3, 2013. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Thank you!






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We are having a Heartland Conference in Omaha in August. I know that should be considered a commendation. It is hosted by our state organization (NSLA) & UNO. We are doing it before school starts because many of our larger school districts aren't allowing their librarians to attend conference if it means missing student contact time. By having something before school starts, we are hoping to offer a learning experience to librarians that they won't have to miss. 

Our topic is Common Core (even though NE is not a Common Core state). 


Carrie Turner