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HSIG Vice-Chair nominations

Are you interested in shaping the direction of the Health Sciences Interest Group? Do you know someone who is? Consider running for Vice-Chair of the Health Sciences Interest Group.


The Vice-Chair responsibilities include:


  • Chair of the Programming/Events Group
  • Coordinating and submitting proposals for ALA and ACRL conferences (with the help of the Programming/Events Group, of course)
  • Review HSIG Procedures and update them as needed (with the current Chair)
  • Collaborate with the Chair on various events and programs as needed




You will have lots of help from the current Chair and all of the people on our working groups. Candidates must be current Health Sciences Interest Group members to run for office.


This is actually a three year commitment, the first year is vice-chair (or convener elect). Second year is chair (convener). Third year is past chair (past convener.)

If you’re interested, complete the candidate statement (attached) and send it to Sue Phelps at asphelps@vancouver.wsu.edu

We will complete our election in May and meet our new convener in Chicago!!

HSIG-canidate-statement.docx975.81 KB