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Stand Out and Be Outstanding: Fearlessly Leading Your Library Career

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What does it mean to lead and be recognized as a leader in the library profession? And what exactly is a rock star librarian, anyway? This session will spark an exchange of ideas about what it means to stand out- and be outstanding- in the library field. A panel of motivated librarians who have participated in California's Eureka! Leadership Program and/or the ALA Emerging Leaders Program will share their innovative paths to leadership, including strategies for being a leader in any position, taking risks, and balancing personal and professional priorities. The panel will also engage participants in a candid discussion of:

  • Seeing the big picture in your library career 
  • Standing out from the crowd: why visibility matters 
  • Being a 'rock star': help or hindrance? 
  • Haters gonna hate: dealing with backlash 

Join us in this interactive session to gain ideas for cultivating your leadership role in the library field, and sound off about what you think defines a true library leader.

Presenters: Yemila Alvarez, Allison Tran, Martha Camacho, Cen Campbell, Dolly Goyal, Genesis Hansen, Patrick "PC" Sweeney

Format: Panel Discussion

Types of libraries:

  • All


  • Career Advice
  • Leadership
  • Librarianship
  • Professional Development
  • Trends and Forecasting

Additional comments: Recently, librarian blogs and social media outlets have been buzzing with the topic of leadership and image in the library field. 

We seek to bring this current and relevant conversation into a physical space where participants can exchange a variety of viewpoints face-to-face, and come away with new perspectives and ideas.