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The Library as API

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Description: There is no greater resource on campus for research and scholarship than the library. In this session, we'll take a page from computer programmers and develop the library's public 'interface'. To begin the conversation, we will explore the places where our communities might interact with the library: for students, we'll look at the course management system; for campus administrators, we'll look at learning metrics and library use; for makers and doers, we'll consider the library's brick-and-mortar footprint. Come help fuel a conversation around de-silo'ing the library and envisioning it as a set of powerful tools for the community!

Presenter: Eric Frierson

Format: Lecture

Types of libraries:

  • All


  • Digital Libraries
  • Electronic Resources
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Librarianship
  • Marketing
  • Organizational Change
  • Technology
  • Transforming Libraries
  • Trends and Forecasting

Additional comments: There will be built-in discussion points throughout the session, not just a long block of talking and then Q&A.