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Description: This session will provide a look at information literacy in the workplace by examining the available literature including Project Information Literacy's report: "Learning Curve: How College Graduates Solve Information Problems Once They Join the Workplace." In addition,  a case study detailing the use of a blog to embed library and technology instruction, cater to reference needs, and facilitate student reflection in online business course for student interns will be presented.

Presenters: Chanitra Bishop, Christina Sheley

Format: Lecture

Types of libraries:

  • Academic
  • Community College
  • Corporate
  • Research


  • Information Literacy
  • Instruction
  • Literacy
  • Social Media & Networks
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This is a great opportunity to hear about how business students can learn the benefits of strong research skills in the workplace. The session will discuss how two librarians infused information literacy into an online business course through the use of a variety of tools including a blog. You'll hear how the blog helped facilitate student reflection on internship and research in the business environment.