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Call for papers - Government Information, Development & Poverty

Posted on behalf of Jim Church ...

Please see below the call for papers for the IFLA Government Information
and Official Publications Section (GIOPS). Please feel free to contact me
if you are interested or have any questions.

The call is open until February 15 and we are warmly accepting submissions.

Even if you do not feel inspired to present, please help us get out the
call and spread the word by contacting interested faculty, representatives
of government agencies, and NGOs.

*Information for Development Action: Governments, Civil Society and
IFLA World Library and Information Congress, 2013

The Government Information and Official Publications Section and Government
Libraries Section invite proposals for papers to be
presented at the World Library and Information Congress (WLIC) in
Singapore, August 17th-23th August 2013.

The session will focus on trends and patterns of information creation and
dissemination in the fields of international economic
development and poverty. Speakers are invited to explore the types of
development and poverty alleviation information being produced, the tools
used for its access and discovery, the relationships between international
organizations, national governments, and civil society
in creating and sharing this information, and the role of libraries in
building collections and providing access to this information in an
increasingly digital environment. The program will appeal to librarians
interested in global economic development, poverty
alleviation, development assistance, and trends in official government
information and civil society (NGO) publishing.

Subjects of interest include but are not limited to:

Official government information sources and strategies for economic growth
and poverty alleviation
Statistical sources on economic development and poverty assistance
National government strategies for poverty alleviation and economic
Poverty alleviation and development information sources from
national, international, & regional governmental organizations
Civil society (NGO) information sources on poverty relief and micro-finance
The role of libraries in collecting, preserving, and providing access to
this information

Please send your proposal for papers to Satendra Dhaka (ssdhaka@gmail.com)
and Jim Church (jchurch@library.berkeley.edu) by
February 15, 2013. Complete information available on the WLIC 2013 website


Best regards, and sorry I cannot be at ALA midwinter!

Jim Church

Jim Church
Secretary/Treasurer, IFLA Government Information and Official
Publications Section
Librarian for Economics, Development Studies, Political Economy and
United States, International and Foreign Government Information
University of California, Berkeley
438 Doe Library
Berkeley, CA 94720 USA
Tel: (510) 768-7611