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Worst idea ever for a MAGIRT-sponsored ALA Program

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Worst idea for a MAGIRT-sponsored ALA Program?

  • Move a map collection in under an hour: A hands-on workshop!
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Perhaps this could be MAGIRT's answer to ALA's booktruck parade.

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Maybe we could do a program on "Worst idea ever for a MAGIRT-sponsored ALA Program"? Since this says "MAGIRT-SPONSORED" it doesn't necessarily mean we organized and carried out the program, right?



Paige Andrew

Maps Cataloging Librarian (rank of Librarian), Penn State University

Vice-Chair, Map and Geospatial Information Round Table (MAGIRT), and 

Co-Editor, Journal of Map & Geography Libraries

Kathleen Weessies (non-member)'s picture

I started this message thread with the expectation that other people would post even worse ideas for programs.  Surely someone can top mine!


Let's see -- Learn how to write driving directions that will ensure no one will get to their destination!  We will teach the art of obfuscation.  The directions will be technically and literally true if carefully dissected, but are certain to send your victims far, far away instead.  No worries about unwanted guests or surprise inspections! 

Kathleen Weessies
MAGIRT Vice Chair
Geosciences Librarian; Head, Map Library
Michigan State University
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Can we do any worse than some GPS systems? I'm afraid the machines have beat us at this already.


Susan Moore

University of Northern Iowa

Cedar Falls, IA  50613