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LITA Heads of Library Technology (HoLT) IG Meeting - ALA Midwinter

Sunday, January 27, 2013
1:00 pm to 2:30 pm, US/Pacific

Heads of Library Technology (HoLT) Meeting (LITA)
WHEN: Sunday, January 27, 2013 - 1-2:30pm

LOCATION: ALA MidWinter - Sheraton Seattle Hotel – Seneca Room
DESCRIPTION:  The LITA – Heads of Library Technology IG will have three presentations (10 – 15 minutes each) followed by general discussion at its upcoming meeting:

1.  We Got IT! How You Can Learn to Love IT in Less Than a Year!
Presenter: Kevin A. R. King, Head, Patron Services/IT, Kalamazoo Public Library

Over the last year, the Kalamazoo Public Library has gone through some major changes in how IT approaches their work with other units within the library.  Kevin will walk us through what Kalamazoo has done over the last year to assess, respond, and reconfigure staff and services to create more collaborative relationships. 

2. Implementing Library-Wide Technology Goals for Individuals
Presenters: Brett Fisher, Chair, Library Systems & Technology, Leatherby Libraries, Chapman University

Learn how Chapman University's Leatherby Libraries implemented technology goals for all of its employees. Find out how a single institutional goal can translate to a variety of individual goals for the benefit of both the employee and the institution.  Topics covered will include getting buy-in from Library Administration, raising the bar without frustrating the individual, goal creation, and providing leadership in Library Technology without being dragged down into time-zapping detail.
3. Developing a robust, fully open source solution for curating digital media collections in libraries and archives
Presenter: Stu Baker, Associate University Librarian for Library Technology (Northwestern University Library)

Indiana University and Northwestern University have embarked on a joint project, funded by the Institute for Museum and

Library Services; to develop a robust, fully open source solution for curating digital media collections in libraries and archives.

The project goals are as follows:

1.  Develop a new digital video and audio management and delivery system, with a focus on the needs of academic libraries and archives.

2.  Follow an agile, open source, community development approach, so that a broad community of stakeholders, who in turn will support ongoing development and maintenance, can use the system.

3.  Wherever feasible, leverage existing technologies to minimize the need for new development and maximize the opportunity for integration with a variety of technical infrastructures.

4.  Communicate and market the project and product broadly, to increase awareness and grow the size of the community.

Release 1 (R1) of Avalon Media System is expected in February 2013. The primary goal for R1 is to support installation and piloting by partners. The LITA HoLT presentation will include a progress report on the project and discussion about the collaborative approach being used to develop the system and build a community of stakeholders.