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You! You should run for GODORT office!!

The Nominating Committee is working hard to fill the slate for this year's GODORT election, but just because we haven't contacted you doesn't mean we don't want you to run! We can't contact everyone individually and we know there are plenty of you out there interested in running and we simply don't know!  

Please contact the chair of the Nominating Committee or any member of the Nominating Committee if you would like to be a candidate for one of the positions listed below or if you'd like more infromation about any of the positions. There is a place for both new and experienced GODORT members, so we hope you'll consider running!

  • Assistant Chair/Chair-Elect (3 year commitment)
  • Secretary (1 year commitment)
  • Treasurer (2 year commitment)
  • Awards Committee (2 year commitment)
  • Bylaws Committee (2 year commitment)
  • Nominating Committee (2 years commitment)
  • Publications Committee Chair/Chair-Elect (2 years commitment)
  • Federal Documents Task Force Assistant Coordinator/Coordinator-Elect (2 year commitment)
  • International Documents Task Force Assistant Coordinator/Coordinator-Elect (2 year commitment)
  • State and Local Documents Task Assistant Coordinator/Coordinator-Elect (2 year commitment)
  • GODORT Councilor (3 year commitment)

The GODORT Nominating Committee is: Rebecca Hyde - rhyde1@slu.edu, Carol Hanan - chanan@atu.edu, Cass Harnett - cass@u.washington.edu, Bill Sudduth - SUDDUTHW@mailbox.sc.edu 

Join us in making GODORT an even more effective organization! Contact us today about running for GODORT office!



Rebecca Hyde

Chair, GODORT Nominating Committee