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Virtual Reference Discussion Forum: Life After Meebo

Saturday, January 26, 2013
4:30 pm to 5:30 pm, US/Pacific

The VRDG invites you to attend the Virtual Reference Discussion Forum, featuring Dr. Pam Dennis and Laureen P. Cantwell of the University Libraries of the University of Memphis. We welcome questions and discussion points, and invite you to submit those via commenting here or on the event's Facebook page.

Discusson Topic: Life After Meebo: Evaluating Virtual Reference Services for Your Library in the Post-Meebo Virtual Environment

Location: Washington State Convention Center, Room 619

What opportunities and challenges does technological change present for virtual reference services? How can libraries best manage the challenge of transitioning between virtual reference platforms? How can we leverage such change to revitalize our services? What can we, as a community of practice, learn from these experiences?

Dr. Pam Dennis, Associate Professor and Coordinator of the Learning Commons and Laureen P. Cantwell, Instructional Services Librarian and Assistant Professor, both at the University Libraries of the University of Memphis will begin the discussion with a conversation about the dilemma many libraries faced with the end of Meebo, how they went about evaluating alternative services, and securing University funding for implementing a virtual reference service. We will then discuss Pam and Laureen's ideas and other strategies for evaluating and selecting virtual reference services.