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Announcing Dance Heritage Coalition's New Dance Collections Database

Dance Librarians – we need your help to get Dance Archives to register their collections in the Dance Collections Database (DCDb)

a Dance Heritage Coalition resource to help dance legacy materials find a home!

If your institution acquires dance-related collections, we want to know. The new DCDb will create more awareness about your collections and will connect you to prospective donors who have materials that fit your acquisition interests.

Register now: www.danceheritage.org/DCDb/  

Instructions are below.

What archives are eligible: public and private libraries, universities and historical societies, large and small archives. The goal of DCDb is to have institutional profiles representing all 50 states, DC, the territories, and eventually international dance archives.

How to use this resource: Read the instructions (below). The database lets you describe your collections preferences: the media or formats you can accept, the types of resources you are seeking, genres or kinds of dancing, regions or affiliations (like alumni or faculty materials), acquisition policies, etc.  Once we have a database of dance collections, we will open registration to artists, dance companies, critics and researchers, patrons of the arts, and others who can register the materials they have.

No cost to you: Because of our start-up funding, this service and resource is currently FREE!  You will be able to update your record if your collections policies change.  An outpouring of interest now will help us attract continued funding to enhance and expand the DCDb.

DCDb Registration and Profile Creation Instructions

Thank you for choosing to register and add a profile for your collecting institution with the Dance Collections Database (DCDb). Registering only takes a couple of minutes, and creating a full profile for your institution typically takes as little as 10 minutes.

1. Point your web browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Safari preferred) to:  www.danceheritage.org/DCDb/  

2. Create an individual user registration for yourself.

3. Once completed, you will be asked to sign in to DCDb with your username and password.

4. On the following welcome page, click the "Institution" button.

5. From the professional menu, you may now add a profile for your institution; update an existing institutional record that is associated with your username; search other institutional records; or search the complementary collection of dance professional profiles, which will include detailed information about their personal collection.

6. As a registered user, you may create multiple profiles in the case that you work

with multiple collecting institutions. Likewise, you may also create a profile as a

Dance Professional, if appropriate, though you will need to sign out, log back into

DCDb, and navigate to the "Dance Professional" side at the welcome page.


* If it is possible that a colleague has previously created a profile for your institution, it may be advisable to search the institutional records for your institution before creating a new profile.

* A significant corpus of Dance Professional records will not appear in DCDb until after the second week of December.

* If you encounter any problems, please email: c.miller@asu.edu  and include "DCDb User Query" in the Subject line.