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ALA Midwinter 2013 meeting schedule

Friday, January 25, 2013 - 9:00 am to Tuesday, January 29, 2013 - 10:00 am, US/Pacific

The meeting schedule for ALA Midwinter is now available. See the attached document for a full list of all midwinter meetings. RBMS meetings begin on page 9. 

A list of only RBMS meetings will be posted to rbms.info in the near future.

Here is the list of convention center/hotel abbreviations:

WSCC – Washington State Convention Center
WSCC-TCC – The Conference Center of the Washington State Convention Center
FAIR – Fairmont Olympic Hotel
GRAND – Grand Hyatt Seattle
HIL – Hilton Hotel Seattle
HYATT – Hyatt at Olive 8
LION – Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue
REN – Renaissance Seattle Hotel
SHER – Sheraton Seattle (Co-Headquarters Hotel)
W – W Hotel Seattle
WEST – Westin Seattle (Co-Headquarters Hotel)

NOTE: The TCC ( The Conference Center) is part of the Convention Center.  They have some of the same room numbers as the Convention Center so please make sure you notice the TCC in front of the number.

Committee chairs: Please remember not to make room set changes in the convention center and other meeting venues. Rooms are set to accommodate all groups, not one group. 

If you do have any issue with requested AV or a room set on site, there will be a number for you to call, but we won't have it until January sometime. 

The ALA Online Scheduler for Midwinter 2013 is now available from the Midwinter 2013 Web site, http://alamidwinter.org/




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