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Evviva Weinraub's picture

Call for 'Virtual' Participation: LITA Mobile Computing IG meeting (2013 ALA Midwinter)

Call for Participation: LITA Mobile Computing IG meeting
Date & Time:  TBA
Location: Virtual

The LITA Mobile Computing IG seeks 4-5 short presentations (15 minutes) on mobile computing for the upcoming ALA Mid-Winter Conference in Seattle, WA.  This conference is virtual and held one week prior to Mid-Winter - physical attendance IS NOT required. 

The LITA MCIG is also seeking the suggestions for discussion topics, things you have been working on, plan to work, or want to work on in terms of mobile computing. All suggestions and presentation topics are welcome and will be given consideration for presentation and discussion.

Please add your thoughts and ideas in the comments - Submissions are due by December 7th

Feel free to email off-list at (evviva.wei​nraub@oreg​onstate.ed​u) or (klau@gsd.h​arvard.edu) and/or post your topic here.

Wayne Johnston (non-member)'s picture

Most topics pertaining to mobile technologies in the library world focus on information or service delivery to users on their mobile devices.  My interest is support to academic researchers and specifically data collection in the field.  This is meant both literally in that we are an agricultural university and we have many researchers who work with crops, soils, etc.  It is also meant more figuratively in reference to research projects that involve international data collection, especially in developing countries.  There are many issues to be explored including data capture, data storage, data security, collaboration and data sharing, syncing from the mobile device to the desktop, electonic laboratory notebook software, etc.

I would be happy to present this as a 15-minute talk or have it accepted as a discussion topic.

Evviva Weinraub's picture

Thanks, Wayne.

This sounds really interesting, especially since I work at an Ag Science school myself.  Kevin and I will be reviewing submissions in early December and will get back to you then.  Stay posted!



Amy Vecchione's picture

We are working on a few projects here that might be of interest. For one, we're deeply embedded into several courses now where we are designing information literacy curriculum. The information is being presented online and on mobile devices using YouTube to host the videos. 

For in person courses we are using iPads and going to the classrooms with them to teach. It's been very successful. 

We are also now working on a Google Maps project with our Special Collections folks. Something like WolfWalk, but different. 

I don't know how I didn't know about MCIG. I am excited now to be aware of this group. 


Amy Vecchione's picture

Is this still happening, or no?



Evviva Weinraub's picture

Hi Amy,


Yes, it's still happening.  I am about to post the presentation information.  I'm sorry I didn't see your suggestion earlier, it would have been a great addition. 


Hope to see you online next Tuesday.


Amy Vecchione's picture

Is it an online webinar then? 

Can you directly email me the information? 


Evviva Weinraub's picture

No problem. 

The full information on the event is here:  http://connect.ala.org/node/197707

Meeting Instructions:

We are also planning on recording the presentations and posting it to ALA Connect.