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David Vess's picture

GLBTRT Board Meeting 10/22

Monday, October 22, 2012
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm, US/Central

Board Meeting Schedule

  • 22 October,  2-3 central
  • 12 November, 2-3 central
  • 17 December, 2-3 central
  • 14 January, 2-3 central


If there is background information about an agenda item, that information must be shared with the board a week before the meeting or the item is moved to the next meeting.

  • Committee Charges Project Update  (Larry and Joel)
  • Progress Report from the Representatives & Liaison Task Force Update (David)
  • Elections update (David)
  • Social Planning Updates (Dale 2013 MW & Roland 2013 Annual)
  • Rainbow Book List Committee Update (David)
    • Changes to committee procedure made to align with our bylaws and practices, draft done with SRRT rep.  Draft sent to SRRT Action Council for approval: pdf: 245kb
Peter Hepburn's picture

David, my apologies, but I have unavoidable conflicts with all of the meetings scheduled.  I am sorry.



Dale McNeill's picture

Hello all--

I'll be available for the December and January meetings; unfortunately, I won't be available for the October and November meetings.

We do have progress on the Seattle social!  More soon.



Dale McNeill

Texas Chapter Councilor