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Building Commitment for Long-Term Access to Digital Materials with Liz Bishoff, President, The Bishoff Group LLC

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, US/Eastern

TOPIC: Building Commitment for Long-Term Access to Digital Materials
SPEAKERS: Liz Bishoff, President, The Bishoff Group LLC

MATERIALS:  Recorded Webinar : Upload can take a few minutes.

DESCRIPTION: This session will cover recent research into digital preservation policy and practice development, with a focus on building commitment across the library, including with administrators, to developing all of the resources needed to achieve digital preservation.

ABOUT THE SPEAKERS:  Liz Bishoff is the president of the Bishoff Group, LLC. Previously she was the director of Digital & Preservation Services of BCR; special assistant to the Dean of Libraries and head of the Office of Sponsored Programs, University of Colorado, Boulder; vice president for Digital Collection Services at OCLC; and former executive director of the Colorado Digitization Program. Bishoff has worked with libraries and museums in several states including Alabama, Kansas, South and North Carolina, Missouri, Minnesota, New Mexico, New York and Tennessee, on various aspects of their collaborative digitization initiatives. She led  the development of collaborative best practices in metadata; including the Western States Metadata Dublin Core Best Practices. Bishoff was a faculty member for NEDCC's School for Scanning, Persistence of Memory and Stewardship of Digital Assets.  Most recently Bishoff was the Project Coordinator and faculty member for the NEH funded Staying on TRAC workshop.
Bishoff has been a member of the American Library Association's Council, the ALA Board and is a past treasurer of the American Library Association.