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Efforts Towards Preservation of Digital Video with Jimi Jones, Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois.

Friday, April 20, 2012
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm, US/Eastern

TOPIC: Efforts Towards Preservation of Digital Video

SPEAKER: Jimi Jones,  Adjunct Professor at the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, University of Illinois.

MATERIALS: The presentation slides are available here. There is no archived recording for this session.

DESCRIPTION: Is there a preservation format and access format standard for delivery of digital video? Are some formats more appropriate for preservation and access than others? Are there established digital video preservation methods?  The topic of preservation formats for video is a timely topic, and one that is relevant to curators and librarians. This webinar will discuss the basics of video digitization. We will also talk about the challenges of handling born-digital video and how cultural heritage institutions can mitigate some of these challenges. This is a webinar designed for people will little or no experience working with digitized and born-digital video in a preservation context. There will be plenty of time for questions as well.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER: Having studied film production and cinema studies while attending the University of Utah, Jimi Jones became an audio-visual preservation advocate early in his career.  Interested in archiving and preserving audio-visual material, Jones went on to earn a graduate degree in Library and Information Science from the University of Illinois. Jones has had several jobs in the field, including Project Coordinator for Audiovisual Self-Assessment Program, an audiovisual preservation project; archivist with the Utah Independent Film Archive; and Adjunct Professor at his alma mater, where he continues to teach today. His newest adventure has brought him to the Library of Congress, where his passion for audio-visual content and digital preservation finds new purpose and meaning. Jones is currently serving as a subject-matter expert and analyst for audiovisual digital content. Through community engagement efforts, such as Personal Archiving Day at the Library of Congress, he is also raising grassroots awareness about digital preservation.