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GODORT Sponsoring with the ALA Emerging Leaders program

All –

I am delighted to announce that GODORT has been added to the list of organizations within ALA sponsoring members for the ALA Emerging Leaders (EL) Program. 

The deadline for applications is August 1, and when we are reviewing people who have listed GODORT as a potential sponsor, the GODORT Awards Committee does look for applicants with a tie to government documents/government information (so getting active within GODORT or their state chapter, working with government documents in their job etc., are activities that would cause an applicant to be looked upon favorably). 

Please note, if you feel that there isn’t a place within the application to note your ties to the government documents community, please feel free to send me a note with a subject line noting you are an Emerging Leaders applicant, that you have listed GODORT as a potential sponsoring organization, and write a short paragraph about your interest in/involvement with government information.

We look forward to hearing from you!

-Andrea Sevetson

2012-2013 GODORT Awards Committee Chair

Asevetson [at] hotmail.com