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End of the Year Report from the MEMO - Minnesota Educational Media Organization July 2012

  1. What regional or state activities have occurred to advance AASL initiatives?
  • Very successful hosting of the AASL 15 in October 2011!  Wonderful partnership and friendships were formed!
  • Our MEMO web page was updated to include all the AASL and ALA resources:  http://memotech.ning.com/page/resources.

2.  What are the major issues or concerns in your region?

  • The most pressing issue in Minnesota is the erosion of the Library Media Programs and personnel in schools, both in the metro area and in greater Minnesota.  As retirements occur, LMS’s are not replaced or remaining librarians are required to take on another library—forcing them to be spread thin.  Some metro district are moving to a half time LMS’s while other districts are bringing LMS’s back .  Sadly, the net is a loss!  This has created a burdened membership with little extra time.  We feel this is feeds our other big state issue:
  • The loss of membership and participation in our organization.  This situation has created a tight financial situation.  Unique strategies are being employed to tap into our membership in new ways, e.g.  Be the Change Leadership Development conference July 2012.   Information gleaned from members at this conference will help create a shared vision and action plan for the 2012 – 2013.

Our action plan includes a blockbuster Fall conference, with unique programming –and an extra conference day-for an audience of other than MEMO members and marketing to classroom teachers for our author only day.

  • Minnesota colleges and universities report a reduction in the number of students that our entering into library science programs. We have only one university, in the state, with ALA accreditation.  This program while robust, is not graduating a majority of school libraries.
  • Minnesota has not adopted the Common Core.  Currently, we are in a state of flex.   This may be an opportunity for LMS/MEMO members to become experts and offer expertise to meet these standards.

3.  What are major accomplishments in your region?

  • Very successful hosting of the AASL 15 in October 2011!  Wonderful partnership and friendships were formed!
  • Our MEMO web page was updated for easier access and to provide more information to our members.
  • Highly successful one day conference Portable U  in January 2012 with digital conference connections with three (3) remote sites in greater Minnesota.
  • Pioneered a unique summer leadership “un-conference”  Be the Change
  • New partnerships with Children’s Literature  Network and Minnesota Youth Reading Association for increased presence with education and reading professionals.

Respectfully submitted for Minnesota Educational Media Organization MEMO

Sally Keeler Mays, President

P.S.  Please watch for and welcome our new MEMO Presidents-Elect:  Donna Ohlgren and Karen J. Qualey