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ALA annual meeting minutes

AASL/ACRL Interdivisional Committee on Information Literacy Meeting Minutes June 24, 2012


Present: S. Mandernack, L. Farmer, P. Boruff-Jones, K. Dobda, J. Fabbi, L. Roberts


The meeting was convened at 1:35 pm by Lesley Farmer (Paradise Hotel, Safari Room).

Committee members introduced themselves, and incoming member Jennifer Fabbi (UN Las Vegas) was welcomed.

The agenda and minutes were approved as written.

The 2012 program session was very successful, with a SRO audience of over 400 attendees. Lydia Smith-Davis represented private K12 schools and an information literacy organization, Lynn Lampert represented higher ed, and John McGinnis represented school boards and community colleges. Lesley moderated. Cognotes gave the session a positive write-up.

The 2013 conference proposal “ Meeting of the Minds: How Information Literacy Links Common Core and General Education Standards” was not accepted by ACRL because the number of programs had to be severely limited. Lesley contacted AASL, but has not heard back from them.  AASL and the University of Wisconsin-Madison have good content on the Common Core.

Jason Dupree was selected from a strong pool of seven applicants to serve as the new INFOLIT-L listserv administrator. Jason will serve a two-year term on the committee.  Scott will check on the AASL listserv status (Melissa Wong is listed as the moderator).

The Information Literacy Toolkit needs much more content. Jennifer will check the ALA program for possible links/content. All members need to contribute to the website: http://aaslacrlinfolittoolkit.wikispaces.com/   Lesley will re-invite the committee members.

Scott shared updates about ALA/ACRL.

  • The ALA Council approved the resolution to support school libraries, which the Interdivisional committee endorsed and supported.
  • ACRL is exploring the idea of revising their information literacy standards.
  • Future ALA conferences will be more streamlined, and all programs will be held in the same facility, thereby limiting the number of programs that can be held.
  • The PRIMO database is being replaced/improved.
  • The Information Literacy coordinating meeting is renamed the Student Learning committee, which has a broader scope. Our committee needs to review its charge, accordingly.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15pm.


Submitted by Lesley Farmer

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This research guide was posted to the libref-l listserv today. It has a lot of links that would be good material for the infolit toolkit. I haven’t had a chance to look into the wikispace yet, but this seemed like it would be worth pursuing.


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ACRL staff are compiling division-level committee minutes for the Fall Executive Committee meeting. Please let me know when you have posted the final draft version of the minutes as a Word document (please use the "Files" area of your Connect space for posting).


Mary Jane

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Mary Jane,

A Word file of our meeting minutes are now posted.


     -- Scott

Scott Mandernack
Associate Dean for Scholarly Resources and Collections
Raynor Memorial Libraries
Marquette University
P.O. Box 3141
Milwaukee, WI 53201-3141