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Creating Library Linked Data: What Catalogers and Coders Can Build

Friday, June 22, 2012
8:30 am to 4:00 pm

US/Pacific (-7)

High quality metadata: billions of bibliographic records, finding aids, descriptions of digital content - is a major asset of the library community. Agreement is growing on the benefits of transforming this wealth into linked data. Much experimentation is taking place. However, production-quality tools and infrastructure for linked data are in their infancy. This pre-conference will bring together catalogers and programmers to initiate the systematic, consensus-building approach needed to make Library Linked Data reality.

More information about this conference session

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Download the stylish handout made especially for the preconference by the LOD-LAM Zotero group, or visit the group directly at:


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The schedule for the day can be viewed as a Google doc:


Speakers and facilitators:

  • Jennifer Bowen, Assistant Dean, University of Rochester River Campus Libraries, and Chair, Board of Managers Xtensible catalog Organization
  • Karen Coombs, product manager for the OCLC Developer Network
  • Kevin Ford, Network Development and MARC Standards Office Library of Congress
  • Rachel Frick, Director, Digital Library Federation Program, Council on Library & Information Resources (CLIR)
  • Corey Harper, Metadata Services Librarian, New York University Libraries
  • Eric Miller, co-founder and president, Zepheira
    • Kathy MacDougall, Uche Ogbuji, Zepheira
  • Michael Panzer, Assistant Editor Dewey Decimal Classification, OCLC
  • Karl Doering, Mark Foong, Gary Samson and Bob Syslo-Seel, Serials Solutions
  • Suzanne Pilsk, Smithsonian Institution Libraries
  • Phillip Schreur, Head, Metadata Department, Stanford University
  • Debra Shapiro, University of Wisconsin, School of Library & Info Studies
  • Jon Voss, Historypin Strategic Partnerships Director, & LODLAM