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Mobile Computing Interest Group

Sunday, June 24, 2012
8:00 am to 10:00 am

US/Pacific (-7)

NCSU Libraries Mobile Scavenger Hunt
Anne Burke - NCSU Libraries

Hoping to enliven traditional library orientation, three NCSU librarians developed the NCSU Libraries Mobile Scavenger Hunt, a mobile-based game delivered using iPods and free cloud-based tools like Evernote and Google Docs. The game sends teams of students in search of answers to clues that orient them to the library’s spaces, collections, and technologies. The activity provides a fun, low-stakes means to promote resources and services critical to academic success and invites students to explore the building and interact with staff, drawing connections between the virtual and physical library.

Since Fall 2011, librarians have facilitated over almost 100 scavenger hunts, reaching over 1,700 (primarily ENG 101) students. Feedback from the students has been overwhelmingly positive, with the most common comment being: “We want more time to do this!” The project was awarded the 2012 CLS ProQuest Innovation in College Librarianship Award.

My short talk will outline our rationale for developing this activity, the way scavenger hunt works, and feedback we have received from faculty and students.
Before the first Connection: A marketing Campaign for a Law Library’s Mobile Application
Terry Ballard - New York Law School, Mendik Library

Ballard will detail the activities of a law school library to develop a marketing campaign for their mobile application while waiting for the technology to be completed. This included a URL that automatically detected incoming mobile connections and rerouted them to the correct store, posters that included the URL and QR codes to lead users to the web page, postings in the library blog, bookmarks at the reserve desk emphasizing the renewal function, and a group shot of librarians holding up their cell phones on release day. Ballard will also discuss the multi-dimensional tracking of usage.
Gimme! The mobile app development project at Scotsdale Public Library
Aimee Fifarek, Scottsdale Public Library

"Oh good we got the grant! Oh no we got the grant!" That was pretty much our reaction when the LSTA funding came in for our mobile app development project. We knew that we wanted to develop a mobile app for our customers but that's where our knowedge ended. I'll be talking about how we used our consultants (a market research firm and programmer) to develop the Gimme Engine, a book recommendation app. During the process we learned a lot about project management, working with non-library professionals, and integrating existing technologies to make our funding dollar go father. The lessons we learned may be vaulable to those of you who are looking to hired guns to make your mobile dreams come true.
It Is Time to Look at Your Library's Mobile Website Again
Bohyun Kim, Florida International University Medical Library

A few years ago, creating a mobile web site for your library was one of the top priorities. Now it is time to see if your Mobile Website is keeping up with the rapidly growing and chaning Mobile Web. Let's first check with the discoverability of your Mobile Website, note the changes that have been taking place in library mobile web sites slowly but surely, and lastly discuss how library mobile websties may need a few changes in the direciton that is in keeping with the changes in the Mobile Web.

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