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Faceted Subject Access Interest Group

Saturday, June 23, 2012
4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

US/Pacific (-7)

Subject Facets are key aspects of next generation catalogs and discovery tools. Where do these limiting terms come from and how do they work? How many subjects facets can be displayed? How many records from a large retrieval set are subject to faceting? The answers may change depending on the system and on search options used. Please join in an open discussion featuring representatives of Encore, Summon and WorldCat as we take a closer look at subject facets in these systems.

Please join us at “Fascinating Facets” as we consider these and related questions. Bring along your questions and observations and be prepared to share them with the group.

Did you attend this Interest Group meeting? Take our post-conference survey at: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/alctsevents2012

More information about this conference session

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Faceted Subject Access Interest Group, ALCTS Cataloging & Metadata Management Section Meeting




Date:   Saturday, June 23, 2012

Time:   4:00-5:30 PM

Location:   Hyatt, Imperial Room


  1. Discussion. Subject Facets are key aspects of next generation catalogs and discovery tools. There will be an open discussion in which John  McCullough, Vice President, Product Management & Encore Division, will represent Innovative; Andrew Nagy, Product Manager, will represent Summon; and Jeff Penka, who is familiar with WorldCat and FAST will represent WorldCat as we take a closer look together at subject facets in these systems.
  2. Business meeting, election of new vice chair. [Nominations?]
  3. Please complete a feedback form on the meeting found at  http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/alctsevents2012


Jimmie Lundgren, FSAIG Chair

Associate Chair, Cataloging & Metadata Dept.

George A. Smathers Libraries,

University of Florida

Gainesville, FL 32611




John A. Maier, FSAIG Vice Chair

Head, Technical Services

Pratt Institute Libraries

200 Willoughby Ave.

Brooklyn, NY 11205

p: 718.636.3659

f: 718.399.4401

e: jmaier1@pratt.edu



Jimmie Lundgren (non-member)'s picture

Report from ALA Annual 2012:

There was an open discussion with three invited speakers followed by a business
meeting to elect a new vice chair.
1. Fascinating Facets Discussion. Subject Facets are key aspects of next
generation catalogs and discovery tools. There was an exciting open discussion
in which John McCullough, Vice President, Product Management & Encore
Division, represented Innovative; Andrew Nagy, Product Manager, represented
Summon; and Jeff Penka, a Portfolio Director at OCLC, represented WorldCat.
Each began with a brief introduction on how subject facets work in their
respective systems. After that members of the interest group asked many
questions and made insightful comments, with the guest speakers doing a great
job of answering and even asking some questions of their own that were answered
by members of the group. An interesting note about Encore was that the staff
user interface, as well as the public one, affords faceted searching. Summon
was noted for offering different options for facet limits to users who have selected
to see only the library’s catalog holdings based on the more specific M ARC
metadata then available. OCLC’s WorldCat has just released a new version of
their free public search interface developed in collaboration with Google. It
uses FAST behind the scenes, offers enrichment data such as bookjackets and
reviews, and supplies connection to editions of works. As we took a closer look
together at subject facets in these systems, librarians voiced concerns about
difficulty of access to results that do not rank high in relevancy but may be
of significance to some users. It became very clear that while subject facets
are often useful for limiting retrieval sets they cannot substitute for an
inadequate initial search query. It was also commented that statistically most
users rely on the initial screen of results and neither utilize opportunities
for facet limits nor view the second screen of results.

2. Business meeting: election of Brian Falato of the University of South
Florida, email: bfalato@USF.EDU to serve
as Vice Chair in 2012/2013 and as Chair in 2013/2014 who joins John Maier of
Pratt Institute Libraries who serves as Chair in 2012/2013, email: jmaier1@pratt.edu .