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Leo Klein's picture

Drupal4Lib BoF at ALA Anaheim

Saturday, June 23, 2012
10:30 am to 12:00 pm, US/Pacific

I just had a look at the schedule for ALA Anaheim and noticed there wasn't a get-together for us library drupalers -- to talk shop, to talk projects, joys, frustrations, discoveries, etc.

So I know it's kind of late but how about a Drupal4Lib BoF on Sat. 23 (10:30a-12noon)?

Location - Anaheim Marriott. Rm 315.

Please leave comments & suggestions below!

Ian Chan (non-member)'s picture

That time works for me though Sunday afternoon is better. As an exhibits-only attendee, I'd prefer a location where I would have access. :)

Web Development Librarian
California State University San Marcos

Lori Ayre's picture

I'm open to meeting anywhere that works for everyone.  However, please don't change it to Sunday!  That's the only day I'm booked solid!

Leo Klein's picture

First, hi Ian!

Second, Sunday's kind of yuckie because there's the Top Tech Trends meeting (always a favorite) then the General ALA awards, presentations etc.

That's why Saturday looked best.

Ilana Kingsley's picture

Meeting up with other drupalers sounds great. I can't make it on Sunday though-- attending a morning session and then leaving. Ian, will it work on Sat. if we can find a place where you can meet us?

Ian Chan (non-member)'s picture

Saturday's not a problem, looking forward to it!

Web Development Librarian
California State University San Marcos

Eric Phetteplace's picture

but Saturday & Sunday are both out for me, I'm basically double-booked all day long. Is anyone still around on Monday? Or does everyone leave early?

-Eric Phetteplace

Systems Librarian

California College of the Arts

Leo Klein's picture

Okay, Cary suggested that we meet at the Marriot and then go out to lunch afterwards.  Note, Cary's also got a session in the afternoon.  So the day is shaping up to:

  1. Drupal4Lib BoF: Sat. (6/23) 10:30a-12noon - Marriott
  2. Drupalers' Lunch: Sat. (6/23) 12noon-1:30p - Marriott
  3. ALA Drupal Session w/Cary Gordon: "How to Quickly Build a Web App Using Drupal": 1:30p-5:30p - Marriott
Leo Klein's picture

Maybe stuff like...

  • Your favorite sites
  • Your favorite modules
  • Your favorite system integrations
  • Your favorite headaches
  • Your favorite future plans


Chris Thompson (non-member)'s picture

thanks for putting this together. we are going live in the next month or so with our drupal implementation! 

Chris Cabrera Thompson, Web site administrator
UCLA Library


Leo Klein's picture

Fab!  Can you give us a sneek-peak?

Andrew Austin's picture

Should be fun

Leo Klein's picture

Hi All,

We're in Marriott Rm 315.  The hotel is just east of the Convention center